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Can i play this game and put the video up of me playing the game on my youtube channel. Also put short clips on my other social media

 I will put the nams of game in description or comments

That was fantastic, i always like it when you can interact with every little thing. It really adds a lot to the game. I do wish the horror was a little more potent, but for what the story was going for, Super well done !

I made a video on your game if you want to give it a watch :)

The creepy parts of your game were really scary!  I love how the story unfolded and you kind of started to learn what is going on.  It made the horror of what was happening way more terrifying!  I can't want to see what you create next.

Strange little game....

I really enjoyed your game. It was fun and spooky. 

Good game!

I'm not used to playing horror games so this game was the best start for me. I played this blind so I just keep assuming something is going to happen. It's great for a casual gamer like me; I definitely recommend. Also, very good quality and the story was easy to understand.

(Sorry I'm just very paranoid throughout my playthrough for no reason XD)


An uncanny atmosphere and a surprising and eerie ending make this a recommendation for anyone looking for a short horror game.

If you are in for a blind reaction, a walkthrough, and German commentary, you can check out my video:

If you want me but not this game, here is the link to my channel:

Help!! I cant find the remote TAT 

yours is the first game in the video, what a well made spooky game! Check out my video.

Hat Spaß gemacht und mir wirklich gut gefallen! Gute Grafik und eine Interessante Geschichtswende am Ende. Definitiv gelungen! 4/5

Having an extra personality specifically for doing dishes might be kinda neat if they stick to just that.

I loved this game, it was very interesting and I got to make toast.

I loved the game! I still don't know what fully went down but you can see my playthrough of it here!

I loved the subtle build up to the weirdness. Great game dev

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Não vou negar, fiquei confusa com o final kkkk

Gostei do jogo, os gráficos são uma perfeição. Confia 

This was a super quality game! I liked it quite a bit. I'd appreciate anyone checking out my playthrough of it! Thanks! Also make more games seriously this was dope. 

Cool Game


Great game! I loved it, did edward have schitzopherina? It seemed like he did, but anyways I loved the game! I loved that I could look at whatever I wanted, and it had suspensful moments!


I truly love this game it was exactly what I was looking to play.  (:


Great job on this game! It's not often that you find a game like this one. It was very well paced and the mystery made me want to keep playing. The ending really surprised me as well. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who may not have played it yet but I'll just say, amazing game, well done!

a bro wtf u good?  >:(

This game was interesting and I didn't understand the ending lol but it was entertaining as all games are supposed to be.

Good Game. Loved it.

What a game!
I was really impressed by the design and slow pacing. Games like this are very rare and that's what make it amazing. Good Job! 


The story was good and creepy, and very sad actually..Great work

The game has a nice story to it and I like how it progressively gets more tense. I'll be looking at your next project.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

I liked this a lot. I think it was paced out pretty well actually. Started out normal and got weirder and weirder. Liked the twist as well.

This game makes me not want to house sit for anyone ever again. I love how it escalates as the time goes on. Very tense game. Can't wait to see what you make next.

I enjoyed my time with this. I like the escalation of weird events and revelations the further you play.  Good job! 
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Was a really well made game! It was really smooth and the spooks were well done! The atmosphere was well made and was well increased to where things go down on the last day! The texts and spooks were creepy and made the mundane tasks even more scarier and spookier! Great game overall!

(Sorry  my video doesn't do the game justice, but it was really fun to play it!)







I responded to you within two seconds lol look

wow that was a long time ago

the ending was great nice idea bro but bad start ending made up for it

The beginning was a tad slow but the 4th day messed me up, loved the game overall!!


Wait, who was the person Jason was talking to in the end?

I'd really love to finish the game, it seems awesome so far but I keep crashing and my progress doesnt save.. It might be a problem with my computer tbh :')

Hello, I played the game and I liked it, the concept was interesting, I liked how the game picked up the pace near the end but wish there was more of that earlier as well, but over all it was fun, good work :)

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Creepy! And I think, in some kind realistic (that those things happen under certain circumstances). One of the most interesting psycho games for me - and I like games about such topics.

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